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Video Production Services

NJ Based Video Production That Helps Connect
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New Cape Pictures is a New Jersey based video production company. Our video services include branded content, direct response, commercials, corporate video production, digital content and more. Our focus is on visualizing your ideas and marketing in a compelling way that attracts and engages your prospects. We aim to produce videos that yield tangible benefits, increased exposure and increased sales.

We maintain an outlook that each new project is an opportunity to challenge ourselves, succeed client expectations and advance as a company. We strive to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients based on collaboration and creative ambition.

What We Offer

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Branded Advertising

The number one problem our clients face is the inability to connect with their market. Portraying your product or service through video is a delicate dance. To accomplish this you need a video production partner that will conceptualize your ideas into a visual medium that breaks through the noise and connects your prospects with your brand like never before.

After all every story revolves around a character and your brand is that character. Let's tell that story together by forming a visceral connection with your audience.Our production company can help you make business simpler with compelling video that influences engagement and drives interaction with your brand.

Direct Response Commercials

Our direct response video production revolves solely around the product we are representing. All direct response commercials, more commonly referred to as infomercials, are playing by the same set of rules. To create a strong enough sense of urgency and excitement behind the product that motivates viewers to purchase said product immediately. As video producers we employ a strategy that aims to speak directly with the customer that would be most likely to purchase the product.

While testimonials, strong demonstrations and captivating graphics are imperative, we base all of our resources on assuring the spot is relevant to that product's specific demographic. By treating our infomercial production in this manner, we have been successful in generating commercials with strong CPO's while maximizing our client's return on investment.

The Video Business Card

As business owners and employees we are constantly repeating ourselves explaining what we do while relying on the people we speak to to visualize what we mean. With video it does that for you. You're not relying on other people you're just asking them for the time. What if you could explain your business in thirty seconds to two minutes in a way that nobody could because video has these amazing properties?

A video business card is going to save you time explaining yourself. It's also going to warm up your leads who are already visiting your website, responding to your e-mails or checking out your social media. When you share video it's almost like you're there. It gives people a sense and an understanding of your reality. Our video production services give you an opportunity to share this experience with your prospects. Larger companies can benefit from this approach as well. There are many facets of corporate video production and a custom video business card can make all the difference in connecting your business with your prospects.

Animation & Motion Graphics

New Cape Pictures is one of the few video production companies in the NJ area that offers explainer videos as a standalone approach to your video marketing. The advantage here is the unique ability to connect the world with your message without having to shoot anything. A standard video production is able to bridge the gap between you and your customers. A computer generated approach however offers creative opportunities that can not be accomplished from a practical standpoint.Whether it be completely text based, a graphical collage with voice overs or perhaps a mix of the two.

New Cape Pictures is a video production company that prides itself on its ability to deliver inspiring content crafted exclusively in the editing suite. We also offer 3D animation as a means to further illustrate your concept and assist people in understanding your ideas in a way that might not be possible through traditional camera work.

Additional Production Services

Our Process

Creative Development

New Cape Pictures' main focus is on strategy. Our video production is directed at forming a connection with your customers. We confer with our client's early on to assure our goal of maximizing the video's chances of breaking through with key demographics aligns with their creative vision.

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Video Production

On shoot days, our client's creative concepts are brought to life by a crew of video production professionals with one goal in mind - to create content that engages, connects and inspires. Our video services aim to tell your story in a way that bring your concepts to life and allows your prospects to see into your world.

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Our post facilities are fully adaptable to project guidelines and can deliver in any format. Our team will tailor your video production to fit your unique vision so that the finished product is exactly what was envisioned during pre-production.

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