All of our careful planning and hard work on set comes together once our editors get their hands on a project. Our post department is fully adaptable and can deliver in any format. Motion Graphics, 3D animation, compositing and music production are completed in house. Sound mix/design and color correction is catered to each production.

Some productions may warrant an animation only approach, while others might be particularly graphics or text heavy. We collaborate with our clients early on to determine what style of video we are to produce, as well as the most effective way to arrive at that creative ideal. The end result yields content that is effective and engaging for all parties involved.

The Final Hurdle

Once a production is wrapped and ready to be showcased, getting the spot to air on TV or other outlets can prove a challenge. Knowing when and where to place media is something that should not be left to chance. We work alongside specialists with experience purchasing media space in both digital and broadcast markets. This ensures your campaign will hit key demographics and maximize it's potential reach.

Please contact us today for any and all of your post-production needs. Call (973) 433-0433, e-mail or contact us via the online form and we will be happy to assist you further. You can also check out some of our featured work here.

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