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About Us

We are visual storytellers that focus on telling stories for businesses. Professionalism, reliability and a constant creative edge is what sets us apart. Understanding your business's goals and crafting the best possible message for your customers is our primary focus. We endeavor to create powerful, effective video campaigns that will serve your company's interests, boosts sales and increase awareness across the board.

We maintain an outlook that each new project is an opportunity to challenge ourselves, succeed client expectations and advance as a company. We strive to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients based on collaboration, trust and creative ambition. We are with you all the way, from ideation to delivery.

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What We Offer

Direct Response Productions

The idea is simple - focusing the consumer's attention on a specific product or service rather than brand awareness and company history. By embracing this approach, the campaign focus is twofold. Presenting the audience with a solution to a common problem and building up anticipation to that solution before presenting a clear, concise and engaging call to action. The second is generating a conversion rate that maximizes the Marketer's return on investment.

As producers it is our job to build a sense of excitement and urgency around the product or service we are selling. The most important element to this process is creating the pretense that the potential customer needs what we are selling right now. We excel in creating video advertisements that draw the viewer in with a strong opening statement that is both relatable and true to life. Once we have their attention we take the body of the advertisement to portray the product or service in the best possible light. This includes strong demonstrations, captivating graphics and animations, desirable benefits of the product, customer testimonials and a high production value. Finally we present a call to action that continually builds value for the customer and ultimately entices them to make the purchase.

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Sensor Brite 360 Direct Response Commercial

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HK Styles Video Business Card

The Video Business Card

Did you know including an immersive video on the landing page of your website can increase conversion rates up to 86%? While your competition explain their business verbally, you can show people the reality of your business in a far more engaging way. Your customers do not need to put in effort to research what you do as it is right there for them to understand in the simplest way possible. The power of video truly can not be understated.

Allow your video business card to sell for you. They are designed to rapidly educate anyone who sees it, and it is our job to work together and find the best possible message to convey. From potential investors to customers on the fence, this form of advertising will inform them all. Viewers will gain a far better understanding of your business before ever speaking with you or your staff. Let us help you leave your customers inspired and leave you focused on execution.

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HK Styles Video Business Card

3D Animation & Motion Graphic Campaigns

While we implement motion graphics, animations and other related assets into nearly all of our video work, sometimes not shooting live content and relying on these things entirely can be the most effective approach. We have all seen the "explainer" videos in which a topic is broken down in detail walking the viewer through whatever the subject matter might be. The style of these videos vary but the goal remains the same. To supply an abundance of information graphically regarding the product or service so upon finishing the video the viewer is informed enough to make a decision on said product or service.

Whether it be purely text driven, an elaborate graphic driven collage, a full on animation or a mix of the three - New Cape Pictures is in a position to deliver a high end advertisement without ever having to break out the camera. The major benefit to this style of video is the notion of unlimited possibility. We encourage clients to think big when considering a graphical approach such as this as there are truly no limits. Let us help you create something truly unique and stand out from your competition, all while informing your consumer base in an engaging, unique way.

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Animation and Motion Graphics Showreel

Additional Production Packages

Branded Advertisements
Drone Videography
Corporate Videography
Medical & Pharmaceutical Videography
Web Video Campaigns
Social Media Campaigns
Interviews & Testimonials
Cooking & Food Videography
How-To Videography
Live Event Coverage
Music Videos
Real Estate Videography
Script Writing
Casting & Talent Acquisition
Location Scouting & Rentals
Equipment Rentals

Our Process


Creative Development

We work closely with our clients on research, script development and strategy to assure the maximum success for each campaign. We put together the right creative team to meet your project’s specific needs.

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Our knowledge, professionalism and experience comes together on set. This results in a production finishing on time, on budget and exceeding expectations.

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Our post department is fully adaptable. Motion graphics, 3D animation and compositing are completed in house. Sound mix/design and color correction is catered to each production.

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Featured Work

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Sensor Brite 30 Second

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Remote Switch Light

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Precise Pedi

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Quick Card Wallet

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Happy Hoodie Pets

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Discover #therealjersey

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K9 Cruiser

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Stain Stompers

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Alpha Chemical Safety

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Sensei Slicer

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Atomic Lighter Reach

What's New

Check out all of our work on Youtube and Vimeo. Subscribe to each channel so you can stay up to date when we upload new content!

new cape pictures drones

Our drone fleet is expanding! Several upcoming shoots will feature sky high perspectives - stay tuned!

10k followers instagram

Creeping up on 20k followers on Instagram!

new cape pictures drones

Our teleprompter kit will ensure any host driven shoot a success. Great for endorsements, how-to videos and testimonials as well.

new cape pictures drones

Immersing the audience in the action more so than ever with our Steadicam package. Excellent for live events, run and gun filming and everything in between.

new cape pictures drones

We are now affiliated with several premier studio spaces in the New York City area. Take advantage of these spaces for your next production!

new equipment image

New Cape is thrilled to have recently upgraded our camera and lighting package.

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Introducing the all new Red Dragon 6k and Arri SkyPanel lighting system!

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